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Why Should I Study Abroad?

Study abroad allows students to engage in a life-changing experience that forever alters the way they view the world around them. In addition, studying abroad can help differentiate you when you  graduate and enter the workforce in the coming years.

  • Less than 10% of US college students study abroad
  • Shows college admissions and employers skills such as international perspective, cultural awareness, diversity, problem solving, “thinking out of the box”…
  • Personal skills you gain: independence, creativity,  initiative, adaptability, a sense of humor, flexibility, values, patience…
  • 85% of students agree that studying abroad was the most meaningful experience of their undergraduate education.
  • 100% greater improvement in GPA post study abroad
  • 97% of study abroad students found a job within 12 months of graduation vs. 47% of college graduates found employment in the same period.
  • 25% higher salaries: that’s how much more study abroad students earn than those college graduates who did not study abroad.  That averages around $7000 per year
  • 90% of study abroad alumni who applied got into their 1st or 2nd choice of grad schools.