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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the basic requirements to be a Study Abroad student?

  • You must have completed English 100 or equivalent with a grade of “C” or better before you apply.

  • You must have a grade point average (GPA) of at least 2.5 at the time you apply.

  • You must have completed 12 units of college credit before you apply.

  • You must be at least 18 years of age at the beginning of the program.


2. What is involved in the application process?

  • Forms and deposit

  • Interview: Students with completed applications will be contacted for a personal interview.

  • Selection Process:A selection committee will meet to review each application, transcripts, and interview report.

  • Deadline: See specific programs for their due dates.

  • The Study Abroad Program has a limited enrollment.

  • Please submit your materials as soon as possible.

  • All students, please send or deliver all application materials directly to:

Kristen Wiederholt

Fullerton College

Library, Room 823

321 E. Chapman Ave.

Fullerton, CA  92832-2095


3. What expenses can a Study Abroad student be expected to have?

  • The following expenses are the responsibility of the student:

  • The total amount of the program cost, as listed in the vendor’s contract.

  • This amount includes airfare, housing, and excursions.

  • Tuition and books.

  • The North Orange County Community College District requires students in its Study Abroad Program to obtain additional insurance. Cost to the student has been around $150.

  • Food and miscellaneous expenses while on site.

  • Personal travel not included in the contract.


4. Where do I take the passport photos?

  • You can download the app, Passport Photo Booth App, and print them much cheaper than what your local drugstore will charge (about $13 for two photos). It costs about .50 cents to print the photos using the app.

  • Some places you can get them at are: your local drugstore, Costco, Post Office, UPS, etc.